Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actress in a TV Series – Drama

The competition: Sally Field’s worried mother on “Brothers & Sisters”, Kyra Sedgwick’s detective on “The Closer”, Glenn Close’s lawyer on “Damages”, Patricia Arquette’s clairvoyant cop on “Medium”, Minnie Driver’s impostor wife on “The Riches”, Holly Hunter’s troubled cop on “Saving Grace”, and Edie Falco’s mobster wife on “The Sopranos”.
For your information: This is Falco’s seventh consecutive nomination for “The Sopranos”, and she has won twice. This is the third nomination for both Sedgwick (last year’s winner) and Arquette. Though Field and Close are new to this category, they both have eight previous Golden Globe nominations for their work. Hunter has six previous nominations. Minnie Driver is the only one who is new to the Globes, receiving her first nomination.
Who should win: Driver for her stunning work on “The Riches”, but Sedgwick and Falco were both great this year as well.
Who will win: I think the juggernaut known as “Damages” starts its path of destruction here with a win for Close, though I am still pulling for Driver to upset. Anyone except for Arquette can easily win this one.

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