Thursday, January 10, 2008

What I'm Watching: Law & Order

Law & Order: Season 18, Episode 3 "Misbegotten" (C+)

I am just not that into this show. Maybe I should not be forcing it on myself since I am really only watching it because of the strike and the fact that little else is on. But the undynamic duo of Jesse L. Martin and Jeremy Sisto followed by the just-as-undynamic duo of Linus Roache and Alana De La Garza (whose bright-light characteristic from last week is now gone) and supplemented with a bit of grouchiness by Sam Waterston and S. Epatha Merkerson does not make me want to watch this show. While I understand that it is a procedural, and I really do not watch procedurals ("NCIS" is a slight exception, though the characters there really drive the show moreso than any other such series I have seen), there is nothing there to attract me. The plot this week was fairly predictable but I still did not quite get who commited what crime. Far-fetched does not necessarily mean good.

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