Friday, January 4, 2008

5 Great TV Shows On DVD To Get You Hooked: #1

Looking for something great to get into while the writers’ strike is going on and all your TV is off the air? Below is one of five shows that you can get into in the meantime.


Lost Season OneLost Season TwoLost Season Three

This slightly supernatural drama about 48 survivors of a plane crash on a desert island is fascinating and utterly addictive. The show prides itself on an equal balance between character flashbacks and present-day island parallels, with just enough eerie goings-on to keep you on your feet (sometimes too many). While it may not be as fast-paced as “24”, the ongoing questions and mysteries will ensure that you continue to tune in.

When you should be hooked: By the end of the second part of the pilot. This is crucial. I did not watch the show after I was underwhelmed by the first part of the pilot. Make sure to watch both parts, and then you will know.
How long you should keep watching: The second season gets a bit ridiculous, but the game-changing payoff at the end of the third season is worth going all the way through.
How you can get access to the show: The first three seasons are available, and the show returns on January 31st for eight of its remaining 48 episodes. If you just can't wait for more, watch the preview by scrolling down the sidebar to the left.
Other shows you might like: Alias, Invasion, John Doe

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