Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SAG Winner Predictions: Best Actor in a Drama Series

The nominees: James Spader for “Boston Legal”, Michael C. Hall for “Dexter”, Hugh Laurie for “House”, Jon Hamm for “Mad Men”, and James Gandolfini for “The Sopranos”.
For your information: This is Spader’s third consecutive double-nomination, recognized in both the actor and ensemble categories (though two years ago his work was considered “comedy” acting). Laurie has a win and another nomination. Gandolfini has been nominated every year since his show started, winning twice individually and once for his ensemble work. This is Hall’s second consecutive nomination for “Dexter”, but he was nominated five times for his work on the ensemble of “Six Feet Under”, winning twice. Hamm is a first-time nominee.
Who should win: Gandolfini was great on the final season of “The Sopranos”, but Michael C. Hall really deserves this one.
Who will win: Maybe Hall, probably Hamm. Watch out for Gandolfini and a “Sopranos” sweep.

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