Thursday, June 10, 2010

What I’m Watching: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad: Season 3, Episode 12 “Half Measures” (B+)

A crucial thing to remember when watching this show is that anything can happen. There’s no rule that Walt and Jesse have to emerge from this series fulfilled in their lives or even alive. Unlike most shows, the primary characters can be involved in even the most deadly of actions. The ending of this episode demonstrates that all too well, but I’ll return to that in a moment. The conversations in this episode were excellent, notably Walt telling Jesse that murder is not one of the twelve steps and Mike telling Walt the haunting story about the guy who murdered his wife. It was also good to see some of Hank, although that man certainly is desolate and grumpy. Telling Walter Jr. that he should be in a hospital because he’s on crutches was fairly cruel, though Hank’s current anger and resentment is understandable. Marie’s success in exciting Hank was entertaining, and it’s good to see the usually useless and obnoxious character actually getting something productive done for a change. Walt and Skyler bartering about the specifics of the time he gets to spend with his family was great, and it’s good to see Walt sticking up for himself and pushing the limit when he can. Walt’s decision to tell Gus about Jesse’s bloodlust was a serious step, and Jesse’s anger during that was foreboding of dangerous times to come. Walt’s ultimate act of sacrifice in running over both of the people Jesse was about to shoot in cold blood was completely shocking and intense, and Jesse clearly didn’t see it coming either. That last line of “Run!” is going to have me holding my breath until the season finale.

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