Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye: The Top 24 Moments on “24”

FOX’s real-time thriller ticked out for the last time one week ago, but it’s never too early or too late to remember the good old days. Here are the top 24 moments on “24” according to TV with Abe. Are any of your favorites missing? Post your thoughts in the comments!

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24. Day Three, 6AM-7AM
Chandler Plaza Hotel Chief of Security Craig Phillips discovers he has the virus, and is told by Michelle that he cannot call his wife.

23. Day One, 5AM-6AM
When Janet York is in the hospital, Alan York goes to visit her – but he’s not really Alan York, and “where’s my father” is the last thing she ever says.

22. Day Two, 10AM-11AM
Tony realizes too late that CTU is about to be bombed, and there’s nothing he or Jack can do as a good chunk of CTU blows up.

21. Day Three, 6AM-7AM
With no other alternative left, Jack is forced to listen to Saunders’ demands and execute Ryan Chappelle.

20. Day One, 4PM-5PM
A betrayed Elizabeth Nash loses control and stabs Alexis Drazen in the stomach with a letter opener.

19. Day Five, 6PM-7PM
As the conference room is sealed off to save those inside from the nerve gas, Edgar suddenly appears outside and calls out Chloe’s name as he is killed.

18. Day Two, 5PM-6PM
Just as it’s becoming clearer that Reza isn’t actually a terrorist, he gets shot in the chest – by his own fiancée, Marie Warner.

17. Day Three, 7PM-8PM
After Kim catches him keeping tabs on Jack’s location, Gaeta refuses to say anything, and Tony arrives to explain that Gaeta is actually a triple agent working with him and Jack.

16. Day Two, 10PM-11PM
As Jack is flying the plane with the bomb to his death, George Mason shows up in the back and takes his place, enabling Jack to stay alive.

15 & 14: Day Five, 7AM-8AM
This double whammy started the fifth season off strong before it derailed later. As he’s dictating and standing by the window, former President Palmer takes a fatal bullet to the neck. Immediately afterwards, Michelle and Tony are seen, living happily together away from CTU, but a massive explosion kills Michelle and puts Tony in the hospital. Three favorite characters killed off in just minutes.

13. Day One, 2PM-3PM
Jack walks into the conference room and finds a very intimidating and furious President Palmer waiting for him in their first-ever meeting.

12. Day One, 10PM-11PM
When Palmer is on the phone with Victor Drazen, Jack realizes that the phone is bomb and rushes to throw it out the window and save Palmer’s life.

11. Day One, 7AM-8AM
President Palmer is about to be assassinated in the middle of the breakfast, and Jack causes a diversion to save his life.

10. Day One, 11PM-12AM
As Victor Drazen is about to execute Jack at the docks, he runs out of bullets, prompting Jack to plug him full of bullets even after he’s already fallen into the water.

9. Day Four, 7AM-8AM
Secretary of Defense Heller and Audrey are taken hostage in one of the best surprise twists this show has ever executed.

8. Day One, 11AM-12PM
After Teri and Kim have gotten to safety, Rick gets shot but Jack refuses to leave him behind in one of the best in-the-action episode endings ever.

7. Day One, 11PM-12AM
Senator Palmer tells Sherry that he doesn’t want to be married to her anymore and walks out on her at the end of his very long day.

6. Day Two, 7AM-8AM
Mandy, the assassin from the pilot, pops up waving to Palmer and gives him something by shaking his hand. Palmer looks down at his hand and passes out as season two ticks out, leaving viewers unaware of whether he would live to see another day.

5. Day Two, 3PM-4PM
A prisoner of CTU, Nina learns crucial information from a terrorist and then slits his throat – with a credit card!

4. Day One, 10PM-11PM
At the very end of the penultimate episode of season one, it’s revealed that Nina, Jack’s most trusted ally, is the mole!

3. Day One, 11PM-12AM
Jack searches for Teri in CTU and comes across her body, prompting the only flashback ever on the show as Jack cradles her and the clock ticks out for season one.

2. Day 4, 1PM-2PM
Jack and Audrey have been cornered by terrorists and are out of bullets, but Tony arrives to save the day and ferry them to safety!

1. Day One, 1AM-2AM
Jack loses the first person close to him as Richard Walsh is gunned down and a teary Jack speeds away through more than one traffic light.

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