Friday, June 4, 2010

What I’m Watching: Gravity

Gravity: Season 1, Episode 6 “Dogg Day Afternoon” (B+)

The ridiculousness of Detective Miller continues to amuse me incessantly. His excitement when he discovers that the suicide therapy group is playing gamblers in softball is palpable, and the fact that he actually places a bet on the game with one of the gamblers is just so perfectly crazy. The doctor’s reaction to Miller having examined his own prostate is also pretty hilarious. What’s nice is that Miller actually has a soft side and is able to connect wit Lilly, apologizing for breaking into her apartment and revealing that he helped to find Dogg’s son for her at the end of the episode. While their interactions are great, I particularly love the relationship between Robert and Lilly, going to a funeral together so that Lilly can go get clothes and fighting after their dramatic conversation when Robert asks if she ever cries (“it’s healthy for you – good for your eyes”). Lilly finally crying after that was particularly heart-wrenching. Finding out about how Dogg tried to kill himself is moving, and seeing his reaction to the violence that almost occurs as a result of his presence is a sign of just how much he’s changed since he tried to commit suicide. The guy taunting Dogg looked like it was going to lead to something very serious, but fortunately his son showed up packing and ready to defend his father’s honor. A minor moment that I found wonderfully amusing was the brief glimpse of the underused Carla, who got so excited about actually being at a Mets game.

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