Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I’m Watching: Gravity

Gravity: Season 1, Episode 8 “Damn Skippy” (B+)

Fortunately, our male protagonist Robert hasn’t been drowned, but is instead expressing the kind of rage befitting for someone who just held your head underwater in a bathtub. Even though their friendship is somewhat short-lived, the way it went proves to be nice because it paves the way for some heartfelt, if still peculiar, interaction between Miller and Lilly. Taking some time off from his bromance with Miller is also good for the development and true progression of Robert’s relationship with Lilly, as he finally lets her in after she meets his friends and his mother. Their romance really is very moving, and it’s strange to think these two first got together in such an impersonal space as an outdoor gate. Another fabulous couple is Adam and Shawna. His attendance and outburst at her coffee shop meeting with a client was entertaining, and her unexplained attraction to him is just fantastic. The yard sale was a terrific way to get everyone together and excited about something, and wouldn’t you know it, it came from the lovely third-person-speaking Carla. Their desire to give Dogg a new, functional chair was extraordinarily kind, and it’s a relief that he accepted it with humility by taking off his hat when he first saw it outside his door, and then showing it off to the guy across the way. While anyone preparing for a colonoscopy is unpleasant, there’s something about the way that Miller refuses to take time off from his stalking and gambling that makes it all the more appropriately uncomfortable to watch.

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