Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Saying Goodbye: The 12 Best Episodes of “Lost”

One of the most fan-crazed series signed off the air last week, and as a tribute, I tried to think of a great way to pay tribute to this phenomenon. I considered compiling a list of the 108 best moments, or using all of the numbers in some way. I ultimately decided to add the first two numbers and present the twelve best episodes of “Lost,” according to TV with Abe. I have reviews archived of some of the episodes, and others aired during times that I wasn’t actively covering the show or didn’t yet have the blog. These are my favorite installments. Do you agree? Which of your favorites (like the pilot, "The Constant," and "The Man from Tallahassee") aren’t on here? Make your case in the comments!

1. Through the Looking Glass
This was the game-changing installment that helped this show get back on the right track again and shaped the final three years of its run. Jack and Kate meet after they’ve gotten off of the island: “We have to go back!” (check out the video clip above)

2. The Other 48 Days
Over the course of one episode, the very different path of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 from the tail end of the plane is showcased, including their encounter with their own Ethan, Goodwin.

3. The Incident
This season-ender kicks things into high gear as the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 left on the island and stranded in 1977 tried desperately to get back home. The final scene with Juliet was simply amazing, and introducing Jacob was just as exciting.

4. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Locke’s time off of the island trying to convince the Oceanic Six to come back to the island was mesmerizing, and then he tried to take his own life, only to be saved by Ben and then killed by him moments later.

5. Walkabout
The secret of John Locke’s past is revealed: he was in a wheelchair before he came to the island. One of the greatest phrases in the show’s history is coined: “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

6. Man of Science, Man of Faith
The season two premiere epitomized the crucial difference in worldview between Jack and Locke, and sent them down the hatch in search of the man who was making his own kind of music, Desmond.

7. The Beginning of the End
After an awesome finale the year before, season four got off to a great start with the amazing introduction of the Oceanic Six. Seeing Hurley in the future proved that the flash forwards worked, and it was anybody’s guess who the Oceanic Six were.

8. LaFleur
Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, and Jin blend into thee camouflage of the Dharma Initiative in the 1970s and start a new life for themselves. The character of Sawyer, or rather, LaFleur, was completely redefined in an incredible way.

9. Meet Kevin Johnson
Michael’s presence on the freighter is explained, and considerably important information about the time since his last appearance is filled in thanks to the questions of a very agitated Sayid.

10. The Substitute
The most moving flash-sideways episode showed Locke trying to find his place along with a bespectacled Dr. Benjamin Linus. On the island, the list of the candidates is revealed.

11. Everybody Loves Hugo
A beloved flash-sideways Hurley encounters Libby and begins to connect the dots just as Desmond did, while Desmond puts into motion a mysterious plan to right the wrongs in this universe. Also, that darn dynamite proves unstable once again and takes a character with it.

12. The Hunting Party
When Michael disappeared and Kate got snatched by the Others, Jack and Locke caught their first real glimpse of what the Others were, and the drawing of borders just made things even more exciting.

Coming tomorrow: The Top 24 "24" Moments!

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