Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I’m Watching: Party Down (Season Finale)

Party Down: Season 2, Episode 10 “Constance Carmell Wedding” (B+)

Bringing back departed cast member Jane Lynch is certainly a great thing, but it’s also a reminder of why the character wasn’t quite a perfect fit for the actress. Sue Sylvester is a fantastic vehicle for Lynch’s rude and sarcastic nature, whereas Constance Carmell was never fully developed and more of an oddball, like Lydia. More often than not, though, Constance was funny, and her appearance in the second season finale is definitely enjoyable. I particularly liked her cheering Ron on when he was objecting to another union and her monotone declaration of her husband’s passing only moments after they drove away from the wedding. He did make quite an impression while he was alive, however, most memorably by tricking Ron into thinking he had caused him to have a heart attack. Ron’s confession of his true love to Danielle was absolutely inappropriate and a bit too cringe-worthy to be endearing, especially considering she excused herself to go to the bathroom because her dress was actually on backwards. Ron gleefully telling her that her parents are getting divorced shouldn’t help matters either. Lydia’s excitement about the possibility of getting with Danielle’s father is somewhat fun, although it’s hopelessly awkward. Kyle’s “My Struggle” song and Roman eating lots of pot and thinking he might be dead soon or already soon were amusing subplots. Best of all, of course, is the interaction between Casey and Henry. Him telling her that she can make it elicited a powerful response: “if you’re not crazy enough to believe it for you, you’re not crazy enough to believe it for me.” That final shot of Henry being called for his audition was a great, hopeful way to end the show’s second season. Many are expressing concern that this will be the show’s last-ever installment, and after a speedy ten episodes, I certainly want more. At first it was questionably quirky, but after this season, it seems to have found its footing, and I’ve been thoroughly entertained for the past ten episodes. Here’s hoping for season three!

Update: I'm sad to report that, only hours after posting this, Starz has officially cancelled "Party Down." Very sad.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Lizzy Caplan

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