Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 4, Episode 4 “Breach of Faith” (B+)

I hadn’t noticed before this that Coby Bell, who plays Jesse, is now an official credited member of the core cast, the only person to be added to the core four since the show started. That fact makes his presence much more meaningful, since it suggests that he could stick around for a while, if not permanently. To this point, I don’t think I had been taking him seriously enough. Having him put on a Jamaican accent is certainly a fun way of welcoming him to the crew, and teaming him up with Fiona is something that I support one hundred percent. Regarding their specific storyline, the notion of having a nosy neighbor who is a stickler for identification was a good start, and the revelation that she is actually one of the bad guys was a nice surprise and pretty damn cool. I’m pleased to see Navi Rawat, fresh off of the cancelled “Numb3rs” and someone I remember from long ago on the first seasons of both “The O.C.” and “24,” in that presumably recurring role. Moving on to the hostage situation, it almost seems like a perfect challenge for Michael to hear the words “that’s only a myth.” Framing a hostage as a hostage taker, while it’s probably been done before, is hardly an easy task, yet Michael gets it done simply within minutes. It’s always nice to see the positive impact that Michael and Sam have had on a client, or in this case the woman who could have implicated him but chose to let him go by supporting their story during her interview with the police.

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Greg Boyd said...

I have not gotten a chance to watch this one yet, since I missed it when it aired and it doesn't appear on Hulu until Thursday. Nice to know it's good.