Thursday, June 3, 2010

What I’m Watching: Party Down

Party Down: Season 2, Episode 6 “Not On Your Wife Opening Night” (B+)

What a crazy party this was. It’s one thing when the guests are weird, but to see several members of the Party Down crew acting strangely is something else altogether. Roman’s initial commentary that telling everyone they’re magnificent means that magnificent is the statistical average turned into him getting appreciated as a writer by the stage stars and entering into some sort of three-way make-out-and-more session at the bar. Kyle offering up a helping hand courtesy of his seduction skills to his former director was a nice gesture, and his surprising ease with the wrong woman (classic mistake: character’s name instead of actress’) led to him hitting a brick wall with the real woman he was supposed to seducing. Casey flirting with a woman and then just passing it off to Henry like nothing happened was amusing, and their weird make-out session under the veil lead to the ultimate comedy of errors. The mistaken accusations and the final proclamation of obvious lesbian love between Nina and Margaret were very entertaining. Lydia’s incomprehension of the term “cougar” was great, and it was also funny to see Casey refuse to let Ron ask him anything about Lydia. Ron’s really not headed anywhere good, but fortunately Lydia is strange enough that she’ll likely stick around through pretty much anything. The renewed chemistry between Casey and Henry, however, is a different story. Though Casey’s relationship has ended, Henry is still dating Uda, and something tells me that she wouldn’t take this news very lightly. At least it’s another chance to see Kristen Bell!

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