Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I’m Watching: Royal Pains

Royal Pains: Season 2, Episode 4 “Medusa” (B+)

I read an interview about this episode where star Mark Feuerstein was defending the field trip in this episode as something that shouldn’t be considered “jumping the shark.” Besides the fact that sites like TVGuide.com use that term far too freely, like in daily polls that ask “Yes” / “No” / “Jump the Shark,” I think that getting out of town every once in a while doesn’t mean a show is out of ideas. In this case, Boris is a man of extraordinary means, and one of the things he chooses to do with his wealth is to spring Hank from the Hamptons for a weekend trip to Cuba. The visit proved to be very entertaining, especially for Evan, whose luck with the ladies turned out to be problematic for him rather than his new friend this time. Evan as the patient is definitely a hoot, and his insatiable desire to buy cigars for the clients was fun. Unfortunately, he’s now in quite a bit of trouble with someone, and hopefully Boris can use his influence to get him freed and back home by the end of the next episode. I had a lot of trouble deducing who played the enticing but flaky Mindy, and while I initially suspected Amanda Loncar (“The Loop”), I came across a forum that said it was Bonnie Somerville of “Kitchen Confidential,” who also played Ross’ girlfriend Mona who loved spending time with him on “Friends.” Back in the Hamptons, watching Hank’s replacement Emily and Divya not go along was enjoyable. I especially liked Divya chewing her out at the end, and the fact that Emily and Hank initially flirted when they first met could make a repeat appearance by her all the more terrific. I think this is a good role for actress Anastasia Griffith, much better than the whiny ones she played on “Damages” and “Trauma.”

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