Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I’m Watching: Gravity

Gravity: Season 1, Episode 7 “Let It Mellow” (B+)

What is there to say about Miller? He’s one of the most preposterous and intriguing characters I’ve seen on television in a while, and he never fails to entertain me. Some of what he says is just so ridiculous and far-fetched, like being closer to God and deciding not to sleep with women anymore. I’m not suggesting that the notion itself is strange or even uncommon, but rather that Miller likely doesn’t buy it and is just spouting whatever he thinks Robert might want to hear. Miller doesn’t do things for other people, of course, but it’s clear that Robert’s friendship is important to him. The two of them doing yoga together and going into a photo booth to document his first headstand was funny, and I liked how Robert followed up Miller’s dismissal of “gay, not gay, don’t worry about it” with a quick proclamation to the outside world of “not gay” as they walked in the photo booth. Miller’s lines like “I stopped fighting crime for the night just to help you” and “not wearing underwear is very free, it’s like you have your own secret” are just plain brilliant. Holding Robert’s head underwater as he’s snorkeling in the tub is a bit more peculiar, granted, but hey, this is Miller – what else would you expect? If you don’t love Miller, you still have Lilly, who is just plain wonderful and unique. “I know I’m Lilly, but I’m still a girl” was my favorite line of the episode, responding to Robert and Jorge discussing Jorge’s junk in front of her. I loved Robert and Lilly both saying “I want to spend the day with you” to each other, and I enjoy Lilly’s assertion that she takes eating very seriously and doesn’t want to be interrupted in the middle of it. Lilly’s shock that Robert would leave her to go see Miller was expectedly great, and I’m curious as to how their next conversation will go.

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