Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice (Season Premiere)

Burn Notice: Season 6, Episode 1 “Scorched Earth” (B+)

This is a fitting title for an installment in which a usually calm and collected Michael is desperately and furiously hunting for the man who ruined his life and may have cost Fiona hers. Michael’s anger at Sam and his lack of patience is obvious, and it makes him a much more dangerous man. Fortunately, Jesse is a strong asset, finally worthy of being included in Michael’s opening speech at the start of each episode, and capable of tracking Anson without letting decoys misdirect him. Anson somehow looks even more villainous with his mustache shaved, and, with Fiona having turned herself in, he’s not going to have any luck convincing Michael to back off, and they’ll surely meet again soon. Sending a psychopath after Madeleine was not nice, but she did a great job defending herself, though she caused Jesse some anxiety by waiting until he counted down to one to blow him away. Pearce is being awfully supportive to Michael after he lied to her, but another associate isn’t having so much luck. It’s not as if Fiona was going to be able to resolve everything by turning herself in, but she’s coming up against a brick wall trying to convey the important information about Anson. Even worse, Agent Bly is expressly trying to manipulate her into confessing her association with Michael, faking his death and bringing her conclusive proof so that she’ll turn on him. Fiona isn’t one to be tricked easily, and so she’s sure to have a long and bumpy ride ahead of her trying to talk and scheme her way out of a cell.

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