Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Killing

The Killing: Season 2, Episode 12 “Donnie or Marie” (B+)

In terms of dialogue and nicknames, Holder is starting to approach Sawyer from “Lost” in terms of his sarcasm and skill in manipulating the English language to his witty delight. His monikers may be less sophisticated, and my favorite quote form the episode was said to the poor valet, “Minimum wage ain’t worth fighting the popo.” His far more biting comment to Gwen, “We’re just asking questions, you’re the one that keeps lying,” was also extremely effective and not too nice. Sarah’s decision to trust the Mayor’s campaign to help them get out of their tricky situation was bold but effective, and presuming that both Jamie and Gwen were complicit in Rosie’s murder is major news. Going to the brutalized right hand to Chief Jackson to get to the truth worked well, and that final parting shot of Jamie staring up angrily at the camera was haunting. Darren being told about all this comes at just about the worst possible time, when he’s about to clinch the campaign if these last-minute curveballs would stop popping up. Mitch’s return home came with predictable obstacles, though Stan was actually the calmest and kindest to her, until she started telling him that Rosie wasn’t his daughter. Tommy’s frustration is understandable, and hopefully he won’t give his mother too much trouble. It’s good that Terry stood up for herself and for just how much she’s been doing for the Larsen family in her absence. That family’s on its way to getting back together just as Rosie’s murder is finally about to be solved.

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