Monday, June 25, 2012

What I’m Watching: How To Be a Gentleman (Last Episode)

How To Be a Gentleman: Season 1, Episode 9 “How to Be Shallow” (B+)

Well, that’s it. Three short episodes didn’t establish a lasting connection to this show for me, but bringing it back for another six definitely did. This is a fitting installment on which to end, however, since it exemplifies the show’s best qualities and gives both Andrew and Bert an unexpected shot at romance. Andrew’s tryst with a model was amusing because of just how unaware he was of his “hot girl goggles” that made both him and Mike think that she was legitimately interesting. Her last stupid remark was by far the best, as she expressed outrage over the fact that he wasn’t actually the captain writer, just the caption writer. I liked that Mike, Janet, and Bert hung out in the living room for the express purpose of meeting the model, ever so unsubtly. It was fun to see Bert find himself actually connected to a girl and miss his chance by refusing her offer of a date, only to go ahead and crash the date she decided to have with someone else. I knew I recognized Melissa, but couldn’t place it – it turns out she’s Christine Woods, who was on “Perfect Couples” and “Flash Forward.” This episode didn’t offer much in the way of closure, since Andrew was still his dorky self and Bert wasn’t yet able to commit (though he might have come close). Nonetheless, it’s an endearing conclusion for a show that I still contend wasn’t all that bad and should have lived longer even in its initial phase than three episodes.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: David Hornsby & Kevin Dillon

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