Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: True Blood (Season Premiere)

True Blood: Season 5, Episode 1 “Turn! Turn! Turn!” (B+)

It’s fantastic to have this show back. A lengthy recap of what happened last season was useful mainly in its depiction of all the major events that took place in the jam-packed finale, including Steve’s return, the apparent exhumation of Russell Edgington, Tara and Debbie’s deaths, Jesus’ demise, and Bill and Eric’s decision to kill Nan rather than face the Authority. Those messes are still being cleaned up as new characters start to appear and change the landscape. Most significant is Bill and Eric’s flight from the Authority, complete with a reunion with Eric’s dear old friend and “sister,” a high-ranking official in the Authority. Her allegiance didn’t seem to mean too much, unfortunately, as the Authority did find them by episode’s end, likely due to Eric’s usage of his cell phone. Sookie and Lafayette asking Pam to turn Tara is sure to have unfortunate results since that’s going to make for one unhappy vampire, and I can’t imagine her being suited well for an undead life. It’s a good thing that Steve’s return as a gay Vampire-American was only brief, and Jason was only so bright to tell him he wouldn’t be glamored before allowing him to do just that by looking directly into his eyes. Jessica’s relationship with Jason doesn’t look like it will be simple as she gets into living her college years, and Hoyt’s none too happy either. I’m glad that Holly’s still around, giving Andy a bit of happiness, as long as she’s the sole remnant of the necromancers plotline. Scott Foley’s Patrick is bringing out a dark side in Terry, and that chill he got when he mentioned the fire was eerie. Alcide and Sam’s problems with the pack don’t seem to be going away, but at least they’re in it together. This is going to be as wild and violent a season as ever.

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