Friday, June 22, 2012

What I’m Watching: Royal Pains

Royal Pains: Season 4, Episode 3 “A Guesthouse Divided” (B+)

After finding out that Jill’s job fell through last week, I expected her to stick around for quite a while and take on a new role with Hank’s newfound company. The introduction of a new, equally exciting position for her came as a shock, and seeing the footage of her in Africa at the end drove it home, since she’s really officially left, which should give Hank a chance to get focused and started finding new romance for himself. Jill’s departure coincides with Paige’s return, which was underwhelming because of just how much a clueless Evan ignored her to focus on being a competitive shark in business. Her getting fired means that she’ll be around now and can help give Evan a competitive advantage over his brother, or maybe she’ll distract him from his work by spending more time with him. She was certainly thrilled to hear about Divya’s efforts to sabotage both companies, and equally exasperated to see them fail miserably. Ultimately, Divya may weaken both of their practices, and their reputations may be damaged too much to continue along a united front. Dr. Sacani is proving to be extremely amusing, following up memorizing social security numbers with a very blatant statement to a patient about her being morbidly obese and an unfortunate follow-up joke about how the fat lady can now sing. Dr. Van Dyke’s infrequent appearances suggest that Dr. Sacani may be around even more, and though it’s not good for business, it’s definitely good for entertainment purposes. Eddie’s return is sure to shake things up next week, and I imagine neither brother will be happy about it.

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