Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Killing

The Killing: Season 2, Episode 11 “Bulldog” (B+)

Now that she’s on the outside, Sarah is still flying off the handle and behaving in an extremely disconcerting manner. Defiantly holding up the ID badge in the elevator for Chief Jackson to see on the surveillance footage is the definition of reckless, and it actually enabled her to call ahead and warn its owner. Even after having Holder beaten up, the direct brutality and fury exercised by Chief Jackson upon learning that news was quite frightening. That closing moment in which the ID worked to open a door, but not the one that they thought, was very intriguing, and should lead to some even more disturbing developments next week. At least Carlson is finally trusting them and giving them some privileges rather than working directly for the Mayor. There was no way that Darren was going to drop out of the race because Mayor Adams threatened to leak the fact that he tried to commit suicide, and owning up to it is the kind of honest bravery that defines him as a candidate. Stan has a productive episode not related to his own rage, though he snapped to attention when Janek threatened his family. Alexi killing Janek solves a lot of problems, and Mitch’s return comes at a time that could actually help the Larsen family get back on track, if there are no unfortunate revelations in the two-part season finale that serve to further tear them apart and shave off what’s left of the halo over Rosie’s head.

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