Saturday, June 23, 2012

Take Two: Dallas

Dallas: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Price You Pay” (B-)

I wasn’t sure whether I’d stick with this show after its two-hour pilot last week, but, for the moment, there’s not enough else on midweek to merit giving up on this abundantly soapy show. J.R. was extremely front-and-center in this hour as compared with last week, coming close to slitting his son’s throat with a razor and putting himself right in the middle of all the action. Getting a fellow resident to call Bobby posing as his doctor got him back in Bobby’s home, and now he’s going to be able to see everything that’s going on and directly influence it, as evidenced by his staged slap scene with John Ross where he tried to manipulate Bobby and Ann into trusting him. Carlos Bernard, best known as Tony Almeida from “24,” guest-starred as the Venezuelan oil man funding the two JRs’ hostile takeover, and I suspect he’ll be back to collect if things don’t turn out as has been promised to him. As he’s hearing about his options, it makes sense that Bobby would tell Christopher about his cancer, though it seems that he waited long enough to alienate his son by not trusting him sooner. After hearing the news, Christopher sure didn’t wait long before planting a very public and passionate kiss on Elena. Though Rebecca’s brother is just oozing evil as he sneaks around with a camera phone and a flash drive, she seems enamored with Christopher, forgiving him after he gives her a good speech despite not confessing to his stolen kiss. Rebecca’s biggest problem now is going to be that John Ross knows she sent the e-mail, which is sure to lead to plenty of vicious blackmail and deceit.

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