Thursday, June 28, 2012

What I’m Watching: Franklin and Bash

Franklin and Bash: Season 2, Episode 4 “For Those About to Rock” (B+)

As if Jared being sentenced to serve as a judge in small claims court and having the bailiff take his photo when he strutted out into the courtroom wasn’t enough, he had to go and defend the man he sentenced during that brief stint. The appeal of a rock and roll legend is almost as strong as a real-life superhero to this duo, and therefore it’s no surprise that they got some excitement from defending the mysterious rocker played by Peter Weller in a friendlier part than he usually tends to play. Beau Bridges’ return as Jared’s father made for a rather spite-filled trial, but at least he loves his son enough to discard one gift for the sake of another. Singing in the middle of testimony is definitely novel, but of course Jared and Peter could explain it away and get it allowed. Infeld pushed some buttons in this hour, even provoking a comment that he had become more like Franklin and Bash rather than setting a good example for them, in his defense of the deceitful doctor played by Thomas F. Wilson, best known as Biff of “Back to the Future” fame. The judge’s humorless response of “There are plenty of other ways to put it” to his assertion that “There’s no other way to put this, you are a scumbag” was amusing, and calling Pindar to the stand was an interesting move. I like that he was both afraid of talking and of not talking, and it seems that he’s done well for himself, eliciting a kiss before ruining the moment by talking about e coli and unwashed strawberries.

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CaptainEvdo said...

I think the million dollar question is who looks at Biff and says, yeah this is a guy I want to cure all my troubles. But then again who looks at RoboCop and sees a rock and roll club owner...creative casting I guess. Lunch was good abe, cant wait to do it again. -EvdO