Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I’m Watching: Longmire

Longmire: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Cancer” (B+)

This show is impressing wildly with the creativity of its plotlines, and it’s even managing to make productive use of the reservation. Watching these mysteries play themselves out with the subtle investigations conducted by Walt and his team is fascinating, and it’s a step up from traditional crime TV shows, far better than other twists on traditional formulas. I love that Walt orders a pizza to a mile marker and that the delivery guy happens to be both a pot dealer and his informant. Henry asking to be deputized so he could carry around the pot plant was a fun moment of levity from a usually serious guy. Mathias is proving to be almost as angry as actor Zach McClarnon’s mobster on “Ringer,” though at least he’s one of the good guys. Vic alleging that the woman involved in the case fainted as a classic sign of flirtation was entertaining, and it’s good that she fights back when Walt tries to get mad at her for meddling in his personal life. Speaking of romance, Branch dropped an accidental hint regarding his love life which is sure to come back to haunt him, casually talking about how “we” went somewhere. There may be some less-than-honest forces in the law in Wyoming, but Vic, sarcasm included, has proven herself to be extremely loyal, taking off with impressive speed when she heard gunshots to make sure Walt was okay. That’s the kind of person you want watching your back, and that’s why they make such a great team.

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