Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I’m Watching: Suits

Suits: Season 2, Episode 2 “The Choice” (B+)

He didn’t even appear in this episode, but Hardman is definitely making his presence felt. The fact that Jessica is vulnerable is what makes Mike’s employment such an issue, and it’s putting everyone on edge. I enjoyed Donna giving unsolicited input in how to handle Hardman to Jessica, and she did a great job of fending off Louis after he tried to give her the tickets under the pretense of the two of them going together. Louis exploring his options is perhaps the episode’s most surprising development, since he has always been manipulative and whiny, but fiercely loyal. Getting the Dictaphone he always wanted as a gift and then telling Jessica he didn’t need her anymore when she came back to look for him after ignoring him earlier in the day suggest that he really is considering leaving. Harvey and Jessica went head-to-head as he disobeyed her wishes and tried to get too involved in the case previously handled by Michael Cristofer, who recurred as Jerry on “Smash” earlier this season. Harvey apologizing to her at the end of the episode should smooth things over, which is good since they have a hostile takeover on their hands. Even though he knows that Harvey threatened to quit if he was fired, Mike will still resent him for not being able to tell Rachel his secret and consequently having to break up with her. He managed to find a solid way to blame it on her and her past relationship, but the fact that he ended it is sure to have negative implications in the near future.

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