Monday, June 18, 2012

What I’m Watching: Common Law

Common Law: Season 1, Episode 5 “The T Word” (B+)

It’s rather convenient that Travis has so many foster family members that he’s able to get intel on cases on a regular basis, but this was an important complicated step in which he had to realize that he can’t always depend on the people he knew growing up. Equally important was the trust that he and Wes have established, bantering as always but reliably having each other’s backs, as evidenced by the cooperative diffusing of the mine on which Wes had accidentally stood. Their work with Agent Demeiko was actually quite effective, and it was entertaining to see them fight, for once, over who would get to ask her out before deciding that it wouldn’t be right for either of them to do so during the case. Giving them both her card and telling them not to call her until after the case was over was a brilliant strategy, and it definitely sunk in during therapy when Dr. Ryan suggested just what she had done. Captain Sutton did a magnificent job of puncturing their manliness with his unnecessary mention of their therapy, to which they reacted with appropriate misery. I’d be eager to see more of Travis and Wes’ fellow therapy patients, such as Gary Grubbs’ Mr. Dumont. His excitement at his wife’s return on investment was highly enjoyable, and he and the rest of the partners in that room are relegated to purely reactive comments, sort of like the two children on “How I Met Your Mother.” Sooner or later, they’ll be involved in a case, I’m sure.

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