Saturday, June 9, 2012

What I’m Watching: Franklin & Bash

Franklin & Bash: Season 2, Episode 1 “Strange Brew” (B-)

After not being so into this show last summer, I’ve come to accept it as a highly entertaining guilty pleasure, and as a result I enjoyed this season opener quite a bit. Starting off with Franklin being trapped in a tank full of water was great, and Infeld’s subsequent announcement that they might be made partners was an exciting challenge that could change the game considerably. The fact that Hanna has chosen to ally herself with Damien to use their newfound promotion to get them kicked out of the firm altogether is bad news for this dynamic duo. They’ll be able to have some fun in the meantime, however, and it will enable Carmen and Pindar to take a more active role in the firm’s activities and on their cases. This episode boasted a number of fantastic guest stars, including Ernie Hudson and Martin Mull’s judges and Melora Walters’ restaurant owner. Eddie Jemison from “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Hung” made for a fun client, struggling to defend himself after a drunken, costumed encounter with the law, and Kat Foster was superb as the extremely attractive Officer Cowell. Her chemistry with Bash was excellent, and I do hope that she’ll stick around since, despite her attraction to him, she’s going to make him work to woo her. Bash’s Spartacus moment in the courtroom was almost as over-the-top and ridiculous as the opening water tank stunt, and it assures that these guys are going to provide plenty of arguments for Hanna and Damien to try to get them kicked out.

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