Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I’m Watching: Royal Pains (Season Premiere)

Royal Pains: Season 4, Episode 1 “After the Fireworks” (B+)

If there’s one show that feels just right for the summer, it’s this one. Yet things aren’t going too well at this point since Hank and Evan are at odds after Hank quit at the end of last season. Hank’s frustration with Evan at calling him a quitter isn’t merited since Hank literally said the words “I quit,” but it’s clear that Evan is the one who plays dirtier, as evidenced by his forcible use of the shares purchased from Divya to wrest control from his doctor brother. The rift isn’t likely to be resolved anytime soon, as Evan has gone ahead and hired not one but two doctors, and it’s not a good combination. Dr. Van Dyke’s lack of compassion for individual patients, coupled with Dr. Sacani’s lack of social skills, means that Evan will have to do all the emotional heavy lifting and charm the patients while their doctors are making them feel anything but comfortable. The revelation that Raj is an expecting father is sure to wound Divya, and she’s going to have to start up a new relationship sooner rather than later if she really wants to be able to get her mind off of him. On that note, it seems like Jill will never leave for Africa, despite repeated dialogue to the contrary, and now she’s going to have to help Hank with this explosion. Her house being sold doesn’t mean much, and maybe she can become Hank’s new roommate if Evan seriously considers moving out.

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