Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I’m Watching: Mad Men (Season Finale)

Mad Men: Season 5, Episode 13 “The Phantom” (A-)

It’s hard to believe this season is over already, and there are a handful of bittersweet and awkward goodbyes to be had in this hour, as well as a select few positive developments. Lane’s absence definitely does cast a shadow over the office, and Don’s visit to his widow to deliver a check that he and Joan decided should go to her was met with nothing but anger towards the lifestyle that led Lane to end his life. Megan was always a clean player in the advertising business, and as a result it’s extremely surprising to see her sell her friend out and ask Don to have her cast in the commercial. Don watching Megan’s reel was decently heartbreaking, and seeing her excitement and how proud he is at the commercial shoot seems to indicate that this relationship could really work out well for both of them (no sign of Betty in the entire hour, of course). Roger proved to be daring, posing as Emile on the phone so that he invite Marie over for an evening delight. Pete’s fantasy romance fell apart when Beth told her she was getting shock therapy and then didn’t remember him, and he has now made himself a pariah on the train after letting the clueless husband realize that he was the one cheating with his wife. Peggy’s new job seems about as fulfilling and frustrating as her previous one, in different ways, and it’s so fitting to see her run into Don while both of them are playing hooky, going to movies during the work day. As always before, this show is simply excellent, and I can’t wait for season six. Don’t expect this one to give up the Best Drama Series trophy too easily this year – more on that in July.

Season grade: A
Season MVP: Jon Hamm

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