Saturday, May 16, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 1, Episode 22 “Rogue Air” (B+)

This was certainly an action-packed episode, and I like when this show brings back recurring characters and reinforcements. On other shows, it might seem like a crutch, but there is clearly a fantastic greater universe in which this show exists, and it’s popular enough to have spawned another show, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” slated to join the CW schedule midseason next year. Teaming up with the Green Arrow and Firestorm to take down Wells was a strong plan, and while I don’t think that they’ve neutralized the Reverse Flash in the way that they think they have, they’ve at least caught him by surprise enough to slow him down. I’m glad that his being in a wheelchair was explained since it seemed previously like a completely unnecessary burden for a time-traveler from the future. Barry reaching out to Snark was a bold, risky move, one that now resulted in three metahumans with a serious axe to grind with the Flash being on the loose. Lisa and her brother are so similar in terms of their demeanors, and I like how both Cisco and Caitlin are hopeless to act logically around Lisa for very different reasons. After Eddie was taken, you’d think he’d be thrilled to be reunited with Iris, but instead he insisted on breaking it off because the news that Barry will marry Iris has overwhelmed any possibility of a happy future for the two of them for him. I suspect that this was deliberate since Eddie is an ancestor of Eobard’s and has to meet the mother of his unborn child, who is definitely not Iris.

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