Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I’m Watching: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Season 5, Episode 5 “Kill the Boy” (B+)

Being in charge means making tough decisions, and for the would-be rulers of the realm on this show, that can involve a great deal of violence or a great deal of restraint. Daenerys and Jon are the two most struggling with that distinction, and fortunately they’re thinking clearly, even if those around them are clamoring for war. Daenerys bringing the heads of the major families in front of her dragons was harsh, but exercising forgiveness was a sign of strength. Jon has a large weight on his shoulders as Stannis pulls his army, and his family, out, and he puts his faith in Tormund and the Wildlings. Sansa has no luck with her husbands-to-be, and just because her new fiancé isn’t putting the heads of her family members on stakes around the city, that doesn’t mean that he’s not a disgusting brute. Parading Theon around in front of her was cruel to both of them, and it became clear just how worried he is about his ascension to the throne when he found out that his father is expecting another child. Hopefully Sansa will come to her senses and realize that her guardian angel Brienne is the one to whom she should turn for much-needed help. Tyrion expressing his desire to drink wine on his journey didn’t lead to anything productive since Jorah’s dangerous path put them in harm’s way almost immediately. Jorah getting touched is a bad sign, and let’s just hope he lives long enough to ferry Tyrion to his queen.

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