Friday, May 29, 2015

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 4, Episode 7 “Mommy Meyer” (B+)

It’s very interesting to see more and more of Hugh Laurie’s Tom James, who really is impossibly charming but definitely has some far-out views and opinions on things. Likening a shooter to his victims was a serious misstep, but he managed to walk it back without even explicitly apologizing, convincing everyone that he was just a nice guy deserving of their forgiveness. Talking about legalizing drugs threw everyone for a loop, but fortunately he expressed that he is smart enough not to ever air those beliefs in public. Selina’s old friends saying they’d support her terrible bill if he was selling it was not a positive development, and it descended quickly into a rather mean gathering, culminating in Selina being unnecessarily protected by a legion of bodyguards while her friend was in harm’s way but apparently immune because Selina herself was the only person who would want to kill her. I enjoyed Gary reminding Selina of a fun memory to share, Catherine being yelled at for eating ice cream, and Selina chastising one of the agents for trying to grab food from the table. I don’t think I’ve conveyed how much I love Richard as a character, the perfect veep for the eternally hapless Jonah. Watching Dan and Amy compete as siblings of a sort is great fun, and I think this is the perfect job for both of them, selling their souls while mercilessly convincing others to do things that in the long run will surely not benefit them.

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