Saturday, May 16, 2015

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin (Season Finale)

Jane the Virgin: Season 1, Episode 22 “Chapter Twenty-Two” (B)

This show made a serious decision with this episode that it wants to be considered a telenovela. After an entire season of an exuberant narrator regaling us with juicy stories about Jane and everyone in her life, the story was actually poised to end up in a relatively dramatic and normal place. Instead, Jane’s baby got stolen by Sin Rosestro, who is apparently a new face, Petra stole Rafael’s sperm, and Rogelio and Xiomara got married in Vegas while they were drunk. On top of all that, Michael let his ex-partner get away just so that he could track her and unintentionally end up being the hero who reunites Jane with her precious Mateo. I think this show was doing just fine before ending on this note, and I’m somewhat disappointed that it seems to have dialed up the spice and suspense for no apparent reason. What I liked most about this season was this show’s endearing nature and the way in which its events were always entertaining even if they were over the top. I think Rafael and Petra in particular were superb characters who far overcame the way that their characters were initially written. I love Rogelio and Xiomara and hope that their marriage won’t get in the way of them being strong characters too, and that motherhood suits Jane. I’m eager to see this show return in its second season and head in new soapy involving directions. It was one of the best surprises of this season.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Gina Rodriguez as Jane

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