Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I’m Watching: Orphan Black

Orphan Black: Season 3, Episode 4 “Newer Elements of Our Defense” (B+)

This show is full of surprising revelations that further complicate the origin and future of both sets of clones. Johansson’s status as Duncan’s former lab assistant makes things very interesting, especially since Bonnie’s carrying of the baby eternally tethers Mark and Sarah to the Proletheans in a way that isn’t severed by either Mark being nearly killed by Bonnie or Gracie losing the baby. They’re a frightening group, and I don’t think their future interactions with either clone line will be pleasant or peaceful. It’s as if every time one Castor clone disappears, dies, or even just passes out, another one appears with even more disdain for Sarah and her sisters. Saving Mark’s life and then digging up the baby seemed to put her on even ground with Mark, and he returned the favor, though it looks like she’ll be headed straight for military captivity after being knocked out. Helena’s continued conversations with the talking scorpion nearly led to her escape, but her decision to give it up and kill the anguished Castor clone being experimented on cemented her commitment to do what is right and punish those who have done wrong. It’s entertaining to see Felix try to help Cosima get out there and meet a girl to help her get over Delphine, something she’s not eager to do. Allison getting approached by a drug dealer with an axe to grind seemed like it was going to be very bad, but it turns out it’s just her old classmate Jason Kellerman, played by Justin Chatwin, who portrayed similarly devious young men on “Weeds” and “Shameless.” Allison’s plotline is always something else entirely, and this should be plenty of fun.

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