Friday, May 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 4, Episode 6 “Storms and Pancakes” (B+)

It’s inarguable that Hugh Laurie has been a spectacular addition to this show, not expressing much enthusiasm on a regular basis but shining in just the moments he needs to, which has managed to piss Selina off more than anything since she’d rather have the spotlight. The look in her eyes when he offered up a dairy-free pancake batter was priceless, and he doesn’t seem to have enough energy in him to develop resentment towards her, but she’ll certainly try to keep him down so that he doesn’t overshadow her. I love that Dan getting Amy a job means a demotion for him and plenty more benefits for Amy, and while Dan hasn’t managed to deliver much since beginning in his new role, Amy is the perfect fit, capable of promising to skewer others and then actually deliver on it. I’m a huge fan of the subtle character interactions on this show, and Ben stopping by to complain to Sue about how lonely and quiet it is when everyone is gone was a nice touch. That she responded by later hiding from him so that she wouldn’t have to make conversation was very entertaining. Selina isn’t the vice-president anymore, but showing up to the wrong place after declaring a state of emergency when there wasn’t even any inclement weather is exactly the type of ironic mishap that used to befall her all the time. Her post may have changed, but the harsh, devastatingly sarcastic way she reacts to such a situation hasn’t changed a bit. I like that Jonah’s post-Teddy plotline is going in this direction since it’s entertaining to watch Jonah react so horribly to the fact that all of the women he met look just like him.

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