Monday, May 11, 2015

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family; Season 6, Episode 22 “Patriot Games” (B)

I’ll admit that I actually enjoyed this episode much more than I tend to like this show these days. Alex and Sanjay tying for the distinction of valedictorian and deciding that the only way to decide the true champion was to do a race was an unpromising setup, but Sanjay coming over to reveal his feelings to Alex was an unexpected twist that did in fact seem like a distraction tactic. I’m happy to see that it wasn’t revealed as such and instead turned out to be pure, resulting in a competitive makeout session that was very endearing and funny. Cameron and Mitchell showing up to try to prove that they’re political with ambiguous signs reading “Stop doing what you’re doing” and “Shame!” was pretty hilarious, and leave it to them to go to protest and end up dining at the very establishment they were boycotting, set up perfectly to get caught red-handed betraying their alleged beliefs. Gloria preparing for her citizenship test had its rough moments, like her horrifying attempt at a Texas accent, but it was filled with some humor, namely Jay’s apparent desire for them not to have to wait in long custom lines with her and Manny’s motivation that he doesn’t want to pay high estate taxes when Jay kicks the bucket. Gloria eagerly going in for her citizenship test only to be asked two easy questions, one of which was simpler because of the flag in the room, was quite funny and an unusually expertly-calibrated use of Sofia Vergara.

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