Sunday, May 3, 2015

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 6, Episode 21 “Integrity” (C)

I don’t mind this show’s mockumentary format, but I don’t like it when the characters specifically tell stories that explain the details of how they were doing something in the service of some goal without just showing it as a way of portraying it. I’m not talking about Alex reading off her introduction to the winner of the unfortunately-named award that ended up going to Luke since that is usually how this show wraps up its episodes, on a slightly sentimental note. Claire vowing that she couldn’t let things go and that she had to do something to make Luke feel good about himself, on the other hand, was far less charming and quite irritating. Obviously Luke doesn’t care about being considered stupid, and that he was trying to do something nice for Manny seemed like a surprise since he’s never been known to consider his cousin’s feelings. Phil and Jay trying so hard to subvert what they thought their wives were forcing them to do was unfortunate, but their scrambling to right their missteps wasn’t nearly as entertaining as it should have. It’s a good thing Cameron and Mitchell got on the same page about having another baby quickly and then stayed in sync as they went back to not being so sure when Joe destroyed their house – a humorous and fitting picture of parenting at its most hilariously tragic – only to realize that Lily most of all could use a new sibling. Haley getting serious and telling Gloria that she realizes her future is not bright was a decent moment, and I enjoyed Gloria’s reference of what a Colombian hothead really is. I do wish that the talented Michael Urie had a better role than as Haley’s monster boss.

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