Sunday, May 24, 2015

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 1, Episode 10 “Mr. Berserk” (B+)

That this show could follow up the whopper of an episode that was last week’s and not even feature the villainous Blaine is a testament to its quality and to the fact that it has plenty going on to fill its episodes. Liv eagerly ingesting alcoholic brains in order to rid herself of her PTSD wasn’t a good sign, though it did do just the trick in terms of giving her an ace journalism interest that helped them get to the bottom of exactly what was going on with Max Rager. There hasn’t been an instance since the near-death of Liv’s hapless brother in her apartment that Liv has been so directly put in harm’s way as when she was attacked with a blow that should have killed her and ended up about to be thrown to the bottom of the ocean aboard creepy cleaner Sebastian’s boat. It’s a good thing her zombie nature kicked in when it did, but it’s bad news that licking her face was enough to turn him into a zombie, one who could end up an unlikely ally for Liv in this new life but will likely be a dangerous enemy. Liv allowing Major to think he’s crazy and check himself into a mental institution might have seemed like the best idea at the time, but unfortunately it appears that others have been sent down similar routes and now Major has an answer for what’s going on. It’s about time Suzuki sat down with Liv to let her know he’s a zombie and figure out a way to keep him fed and solve the whole Blaine problem. Steven Weber’s guest spot wasn’t big, but he’s just the actor to play the part of a seedy operator well aware of the dangers of his product and more than willing to ignore them for the sake of business.

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