Sunday, May 3, 2015

What I’m Watching: Weird Loners

Weird Loners: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Weirdfather” (C-)

I wasn’t a fan of this episode, and I’m continuing to doubt the enduring quality of this show in general. The news that Stosh has a son was delivered quite casually, as most shocking things that he says are, and it proved to be a wholly disappointing experience. I’m not sure which was more exaggerated – the long, silent awkwardness or the thickness of his son’s accent. That they bonded only over watching “The Godfather,” a thoroughly inappropriate film for such a young kid, was understandable, but I wasn’t fond at all of the reenactment of the scene by the garbage cans that occurred after Stosh opted to abandon his son and pretend that he had gone for a job interview. This show toes the line between being very literal and going way overboard in terms of its comedy, and I prefer the former immensely. Zara and Stosh calling with video and deceptive backgrounds fall somewhere in between, and I don’t mind that as much. Zara freaking out when Caryn started to value their friend time too much made some sense, though it was exactly the opposite of what Caryn needed to affirm her self-esteem. Becki going nuts and writing Taco Tuesday on every Tuesday of the entire calendar is more about her being very intense about how she acts and plans, and I think that she’s probably the most consistent character on this show. I’m less impressed with Eric, who continues to be wholly unserious, childish, and over-the-top with few redeeming qualities.

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