Thursday, May 7, 2015

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Lady” (B+)

This show is probably at its best when it fires off a number of hilarious scenes back-to-back, which in this episode was a series of interviews that went horribly awry. The fact that the best candidate was a self-identified cyborg, a truth Jared found difficult to argue, was extremely entertaining, though it’s probably for the best that he wasn’t actually hired, even if his near-hire did prompt Jared to become OJ, or, as he prefers to think of it, Original Jared. The choice of Carla is a far better fit since she is an infusion of female energy, something that is going to make Jared run circles around himself trying to justify as he puts his foot in his mouth, and also the perfect foil for Dinesh and Gilfoyle. It would have been funny if she was making more than them, but the notion that she wasn’t but still went to great lengths to trick and torment them into thinking that she did was even funnier. Russ would give away tickets to an event that would still cost the new holder $25,000, and Erlich’s inability to communicate with Jian was quite entertaining. I love that Big Head was misintroduced as Bag Head, and that he can’t hope to comprehend why he’s been given this level of responsibility. The casting of Patrick Fischler as his far more deserving co-director is spot-on, and I look forward to watching him blow a gasket trying to work with Big Head, who seemed destined for far less than mediocrity.

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