Sunday, July 30, 2017

Round Two: Friends from College

Friends from College: Season 1, Episode 2 “Connecticut House” (C)

Well, I think I’m officially done with this show. I had heard that some didn’t like this show because the characters were all unappealing, and, despite my eagerness to give it a second chance, I find that I’m in total agreement. If there’s one thing this show didn’t need, it was Ike Barinholtz. He was grating and overly present on “The Mindy Project” for the whole time that I watched, and while he’s somehow slightly more subdued here, the extent to which Lisa’s new firm insisted on showing her what disgusting, sexist pigs they were on her first day felt wholly unnecessary and way over the top. While I’d hope that things aren’t like that in real life, you’d at least people would be a tiny bit more mature and intelligent in the way that they participate in important phone clalls, bothering to actually listen for a second rather than just made crude movements and jeer while those on the other end of the call are speaking. Nick proved to be an effective drinking partner for Lisa, and as a result the two of them were wholly unaware that the idiotic cheating duo, who managed to set off a house alarm, break some glass for no reason, and not even kill a rabbit properly before getting mail citations for having sex in public, are a mess. I’m not too fond of this show’s brand of humor, involving things like Ethan giving Marianne a thumbs-up during a rape scene in the play, and I’m more than happy to bid it farewell.

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