Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What I’m Watching: Orphan Black

Orphan Black: Season 5, Episode 4 “Let the Children and Childbearers Toil” (B)

I’ll admit that sometimes this show loses me a bit as it begins to drown in its mythology that involves 170-year old men and creatures of the night. Yet there is something very intriguing to me, and logical, about the notion that an imperfect Castor clone with murderous impulses isn’t the worst experiment that those who worked on copying genomes could have created. While an ogre or a monster who runs off in the middle of the woods at night feels a bit cartoonish for this show, Cosima is living on a compound removed from civilization in an environment that feels removed from time. I’m not sure what comes from this since I don’t believe that Cosima is meant to be learning all of this, but Sarah and Mrs. S were also told the same information by Virginia when they snuck in to interrogate her. It was fun to see Sarah play dress up – still an incredible feat by Tatiana Maslany for us to feel that she’s doing that since literally that’s all the actress does – and pretend to the hapless assistant to Mrs. S’s doctor, and luckily they had a distraction from Virginia to allow them to escape before being questioned for just exactly who they were. Adele’s return was far more welcome than her first appearance, and it’s good to see that she’s a firm and dependable ally now. It’s also a relief to see Helena so at peace and aware of where she’s supposed to be, a sign that maybe the good guys will win this thing after all if there’s even still a battle to be fought.

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