Thursday, July 27, 2017

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 3, Episode 7 “Wish I Could Believe You” (B+)

Well, Six didn’t stay away for too long, and though his return comes at the expense of a number of innocent lives, we never really got to know any of those characters, so it’s not much of a loss for us viewers. I thought at first that Six was stuck in a time loop of his own, which seemed like a strange thing for the show to repeat so early on, but it turns out that it was much more like the endless simulations that Shaw had to undergo on “Person of Interest.” There were evidently some notable glitches in the interrogation process being used by Six’s captors, and I liked watching him realize multiple times that what was happening around him wasn’t real. Seeing him turn the tables on his captors by putting one of them under so that he would reveal his coordinates instead was cool, and it was a clever solution to everything. Six going to see his family only to find that his son had a new father was sad, but again, it’s best for viewers if he remains undistracted aboard the ship. Three noting the loneliness of Sarah’s existence and Two stopping by to visit her suggest that we have plenty more to experience in that semi-real part of the show, though it’s much more worrisome to see the Android act out some strange routine which ended with her pointing a gun at Three. That can’t be good news, and the fact that none of the crew has any idea is especially bad.

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