Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What I’m Watching: Master of None

Master of None: Season 2, Episode 9 “Amarsi Un Po” (A-)

Now here’s another fantastic episode of this show, an extremely romantic extended installment with so many wonderful moments. Starting with Dev having to get into the sub for a photo shoot so that Jeff could take a bite highlighted the still banal nature of his work even though he was moving on from “Clash of the Cupcakes” to something more substantial, and it helped transition things to a much more poignant love story. Things got off to a superb start with someone on the street congratulating Dev for being an Indian who landed such a hot woman, and I like that it wasn’t a one-sided affair, with Francesca showing her unexpected love for big, variety-filled American pharmacies. Watching them yell at people to finish their food and pretend to be in a huge fight were some great snippets from the episode, as was their discussion of terms like “curry person” and “soy sauce people.” When she texted him while they were sitting with her fiancé and Arnold, that was a big sign that this was all in Dev’s head, despite his nightmare of having her literally rip his heart out. Her getting stranded at his house when the power was out and sleeping over – in the same bed – was another lost opportunity, especially because she noticed that a lot of the women on his celebrity list were Italian. Going for it at the club and then in the helicopter – on a non-private channel – were perfect instances of how even when things seem like they might work out, it’s not always so glamorous or easy. This episode is definitely one of the season’s best, and a sign that Ansari, who wrote and directed this episode, really knows what he’s doing and should be producing a whole lot more TV.

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