Sunday, July 9, 2017

What I’m Watching: Master of None

Master of None: Season 2, Episode 7 “Door #3” (B)

So at least now we have Dev and a few of his friends back, even if this episode didn’t feature any of the regular characters aside from Brian and both his and Dev’s fathers. I still didn’t find this installment to be all that poignant, hardly on par with some of this show’s better episodes. Dev’s cupcake-hosting gig doesn’t seem to be full of much depth, and therefore the offer of a seven-year contract gave him understandable pause. He does have a way with people, helping Cedric the Entertainer’s melancholy magician Magnificent Kenny get back on his feet and do a superb job guest-hosting the show when he was booked but shouldn’t have been. Jeff seems like he might not be a man of substance, yet he does appear to be open to the idea of entertaining Dev’s new show pitch. Hopefully finding out that Francesca is engaged won’t dampen it all too much and it could actually turn into something. Dev’s latest visit with his father was funny, particularly when he offered unsolicited commentary to his patients. We haven’t seen Brian in a long time, and now we got to see him walking in one of this show’s signature on-the-go life conversation, as he learned that his father was now dating not one but two different women. Both of them deciding that they shouldn’t be with them was an inevitability, and I like that he got a dog and named it Coco so that didn’t feel like a change was amusing.

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