Friday, July 28, 2017

What I’m Watching: House of Cards

House of Cards: Season 5, Episode 8 “Chapter 60” (B)

I don’t love episodes like this as much since they don’t feature the bigger picture, once again submerging our two main protagonists in mostly isolated situations where they interact with a choice few instead of the general public. This season’s election plotline has been fascinating, and I’d love to see what’s going on out in the country rather than hijinks at a college club and mysterious submarine secrets in the middle of the ocean. The opening was deliberately over-the-top, in a way that still ranks as outrageous even for this show, with Frank wearing a hood talking about the cultish nature of high-powered politicians. It contrasted greatly with the very free dialogue he had with Brockhart and then with the casual passage of damning information on Conway – who I wish that we’d see again in person – from a good friend of his. Usher is becoming a crucial part of the Underwood campaign, fully aware of who they are and undisturbed by the ethics of what they do. Back at the White House, Claire was a tour de force, making incredible demands and negotiating aggressively to save the people aboard while slyly ensuring that Petrov wouldn’t feel betrayed, though he’s not becoming nearly forthcoming enough for her linking. Both Doug and Tom were open and honest with Claire when confronted about their loyalties, and I’m starting to think that she’s going to stay in this job longer than anyone expects. Conway’s chances are certainly looking very poor since there’s no way to spin the recording of him freaking out at the pilots – it actually happened just like that.

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