Friday, July 14, 2017

Emmy Nominees: Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

My predictions: 2/6, picking just Hanks and Laurie

Here’s my worst category, where a few things happened. Two actors - Riz Ahmed (Girls) and Matthew Rhys (Girls) – picked up bids for memorable turns on the final season of a show no longer widely recognized in other categories mainly because they’re also nominated this year for more well-received productions, replacing the man who the Emmy last year for the same show, Peter Scolari. Hugh Laurie (Veep) missed out when he should have been nominated in the supporting race, so now he’s here, ousting expected nominee Peter MacNicol. And then we have three hosts from the ultra-popular late-night sketch series, all of whom aren’t quite in the spotlight as much as they used to be: Lin-Manuel Miranda (Saturday Night Live), Dave Chappelle (Saturday Night Live), and Tom Hanks (Saturday Night Live). All I know is that I have a lot of SNL to watch.

Who should win? I’ve only seen half of these. I’d probably choose Ahmed.
Who will win? My guess is Miranda, though who the hell knows?

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