Sunday, July 16, 2017

What I’m Watching: iZombie (Season Finale)

iZombie: Season 3, Episode 13 “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2” (B+)

Three years in a row, this show has used its season finale as a fantastic jumping-off point to completely reshift its focus and frame everything in a whole new way. This season was all about the zombie outbreak being on the verge of going public, and what people were doing to combat it. The suicide bombing of the Fillmore Graves party turned out to be somewhat inconsequential since everything progressed in a much grander way that made keeping anything secret in this world form here on out totally impossible. Through it all, Blaine just wanted to be a businessman, and that got his offer rejected by Chase, who turned out to be a much better person/zombie than anyone expected. The discovery of an employee with different ideals who engineered a mutiny made clear that his priorities were for the betterment of Seattle and society in general, and he did that very well with a clearly-marketed plan to assure that zombies being a thing didn’t turn the world inside out. Liv was already on it, making sure that everyone’s favorite newly-zombified TV reporter said on air that the zombie outbreak was happening, and Chase was there to provide a reassuring plan that took a lot into consideration. Unfortunately, humans wanting to kill the good zombies means that a peaceful coexistence is far from guaranteed, but I’m very excited to see what comes next. Will Ravi be a zombie or will he finally be able to cure Liv, which would be really weird to see our favorite zombie back as a human in a world now dominated by zombies?

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Rose McIver as Liv

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