Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What I’m Watching: Casual

Casual: Season 3, Episode 7 “The Rat King” (B+)

An episode like this is helpful every once in a while since it brings everyone together from their separate lives to interact in one isolated space. I think it’s very important to note the relationships people had going into everything, and the helpful nature of having everyone couple up. The only truly platonic pair, who I imagine will remain that way, is Alex and Rae. She’s bold and obnoxious, but also starting to turn into more of a human being, allowing them to fight about things like her having allegedly brought a rat from her beloved New York City and his unwillingness to tell his sister the truth despite her nearly spilling the beans more than a few times. The most important revelation, perhaps something that was hinted at before or even fully confirmed when I just wasn’t paying attention, is that Leon and Leia are dating, something that she has totally kept from Val and is sure to be a miserable revelation when it finally comes out. Val is completely unaware, preoccupied with flirting with Jack instead. Leon’s attempts to be humane to the rat were funny, especially since everyone shot him down. And then there’s Laura, who brings over a boss who wants to bring down capitalism and other things like that and has no problem walking around naked in front of her. It doesn’t appear that’s headed anywhere fast enough for Laura to stay interested, but Val sure made an impression going head-to-head with her about her beliefs.

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