Saturday, July 29, 2017

Round Two: I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry: Season 1, Episode 3 “Ass Cubes” (B+)

I think the title of this episode says it all. Andrea was actually pretty mean to Kyle when he started talking about wanting to meet someone to settle down with, and while that does involve the use of some tap water in an unfortunate place, that’s what makes him happy, and technically she is the one who made the match. I was trying to figure out where I knew Miss Shelly from, and I think it’s because Lyndon Smith played Natalie on “Parenthood.” I love that she was a perfect fit for Kyle, which made the idea of her teaching Amelia horrifying to Mike. I wasn’t sure how Mike would fit into this show, but his reactions to Kyle and Andrea are pretty great, and I like that he tried to make his own joke, prompting Andrea to doubt her comedic abilities. That it would be her lack of desire to have kids that ruined the relationship seems like a rather adult resolution to the whole situation. Andrea didn’t know how to react to her father’s attempts to woo her mother while her father-in-law is still very much healthy and alive, and I liked all the jokes about Leon being close to death’s door. Casting Martin Mull, recently Emmy-nominated for his role as Bob on “Veep,” as Andrea’s father makes a lot of sense, and I suspect that the occasional motorcycle-rider and frequent flirter will be back again to try to get with Kathy Baker’s Sharon and drive his daughter crazy in the process.

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