Monday, July 17, 2017

What I’m Watching: 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys: Season 3, Episode 7 “Nurture” (B)

I’m starting to feel as if I’ve become detached from time, not quite sure exactly what’s going on here anymore and where our characters have gone. Cassandra going back to visit her mother felt especially strange, partially because we’ve never really heard much about her and because it happened so casually. What’s much more interesting to me is the way that the young witness is being portrayed, not eager to harm innocent people and still just a normal young boy in a few ways while he’s being prepared for a life of grand omniscience. I can’t help but feel that we’re in a bit of a “Looper” situation here, where witnessing the stonefaced executions of those around him like Deacon are going to transform him into the ruthless being that he becomes. Or maybe Cole got through to him, in the moment that he decided to spare him, teaching him about the value of life? Jennifer and the witness boding about being primary was an interesting moment, and it’s at least good that they share a connection. Hannah getting hit was an unfortunate casualty of the mission, and I’m sure that’s going to drive Jones and her new partner Deacon to rage in their quest for revenge. Cole and Cassandra have now officially picked a side, and that closing shot of them sporting the fancy futuristic time suits and coordinating their time travel means that things are changing in a completely irreversible way. I have no idea what – or when – comes next, but I’m definitely intrigued.

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